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Faculty – Vocational and Technical – Aviation

The primary role of an adjunct faculty member is to focus on academic excellence, student success, and encourage lifelong learning. This is
accomplished through working collaboratively with College stakeholders to support the mission of the College. Adjunct faculty members ensure
the quality and integrity of the College’s academic programs through teaching, student learning and professional development.

Examples of Duties:

Craven Community College is a comprehensive institution of higher learning which places
emphasis on excellence in classroom instruction. Faculty members are expected to demonstrate and maintain competence in each of the
following areas throughout their employment with the College. 

Mastery of Subject Matter

  • Demonstrate a thorough and accurate knowledge of their field or discipline
  • Display an ability to interpret and evaluate the
    theories of their field or discipline
  • Connect their subject matter with related fields
  • Stay current in their subject
    matter through professional development, involvement in professional organizations, and attending professional meetings, conferences and
  • Learn and use technology to enhance teaching and the educational experience when appropriate


  • Teach a course load appropriate to their field or discipline
  • Plan and organize instruction in ways
    that maximize documented student learning
  • Employ appropriate teaching and learning strategies to communicate subject matter to
  • Modify, where appropriate, instructional methods and strategies to meet diverse student needs
  • Employ available
    instructional technology, i.e., the Internet, telecourses and interactive technology when appropriate
  • Encourage the development of
    communication skills and higher order thinking skills through appropriate assignments
  • Incorporate core competencies into
  • Develop, update, and post course syllabi in a timely manner in accordance with program and divisional policies
  • Provide ADA-compliant material and other accommodations to students with proper documentation

Evaluation of Student

  • Establish meaningful student learning outcomes for courses/programs
  • Develop and explain methods that
    fairly measure student progress toward student learning outcomes
  • Evaluate student performance fairly and consistently and return
    student work promptly to promote maximum learning
  • Maintain accurate records of student progress and submit final grade rosters each
    semester according to established deadlines
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to student needs and circumstances

of College Policies and Procedures

  • Teach classes as assigned in a multi-campus environment
  • Maintain
    confidentiality of student information
  • Exercise stewardship of College facilities and materials
  • Respond in a timely
    fashion to information requests from College, division, and program administrators
  • Post all final grades no later than the required
    date for each term as listed on the College academic calendar

On campus/Seated Class Expectations

  • It is
    recommend that adjunct faculty, when scheduling allows, be available before and/or after each class for discussions with students. Faculty
    are also expected to be available for scheduled appointments with students at other times.
  • Adequately prepare for each class
    session, which may include, but is not limited to, reviewing/creating appropriate material for instructional delivery, appropriate
    assessments and classroom activities
  • Take attendance in each class, which includes posting to Web Advisor for the census date,
    posting at least weekly after the census date and finalizing the attendance at the end of the applicable term

Online/Hybrid Class Expectations

  • Have an active presence in online and hybrid classes. This can be accomplished
    through regular announcements in the News forum, instructor contributions in forums and journals, scheduled chats, substantive feedback on
    student work, lesson summaries, and email and/or messages to individual students.
  • Reply to student questions within 48 hours on
    instructional days. Due to the number of students accessing online content on the weekend, instructors are encouraged to respond on the
    weekend or adjust due dates so they do not fall on the weekend or on Mondays.
  • Grade and return all assignments (which include all
    quizzes, tests, written assignments) within 5 instructional days of the due date for all 8-week courses, and within 10 instructional days of
    the due date for courses longer than 8 weeks
  • Utilize the Moodle gradebook (or other academic department pre-approved gradebook) to
    post grades for students so they can easily view their progress in the course
  • Use at least one form of assessment other than the
    online quizzes and tests that are automatically graded via Moodle’s assessment manager. Assessments may include a variety of activities or
    assignments that are completed in Journals, Blogs, Wikis, Assignments and Forums. These alternative assessments provide an avenue for
    instructor feedback to the student and do not rely solely on automatic grading in Moodle.
  • Monitor attendance in each class, which
    includes posting to Web Advisor for the census date, submitting appropriate notifications when a student is inactive in a class for a week
    and finalizing the attendance at the end of the applicable term


  • Federal Aviation Agency
    (FAA) Mechanic Certificate (Airframe and Powerplant License).
  • Associate’s degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology from a
    regionally accredited institution of higher learning.


  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally
    accredited institution of higher learning.
  • Prior teaching experience at the post-secondary level.

Supplemental Information:


  • Adult learning theory, concepts and teaching
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Learning-centered values and student success initiatives
  • Demonstrated understanding of advising and competency-based learning
  • College educational philosophy, management and
    administrative practices and procedures
  • Principles, procedures and practices of data collection and analysis
  • Knowledge of,
    ability to develop, and commitment to use emerging technologies and alternative delivery methods appropriately, including online delivery,
    hybrid course options, content software, web-enhancements, etc.
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation
    and standards as it relates to assigned curriculum programs


  • Design learning opportunities that
    promote student life skills development while enhancing discipline learning
  • Develop and implement diverse teaching strategies that
    accommodate the learning styles of students and that promote both acquisition and applications of knowledge and understanding 
  • Use consistent, timely formative and summative assessment measures to enhance learning
  • Design learning opportunities that
    acknowledge, draw upon and are enriched by student diversity in the learning environment
  • Design and implement curriculum that
    aligns elements of student learning toward growth in the Student Core Competencies and progression through course sequences
  • Proficient use of personal computers and general office software


  • Commitment to stay
    current and continually improve knowledge and understanding of the discipline
  • Establish and maintain effective working
    relationships with those contacted in the course of work
  • Effectively communicate interpersonally (in group and one-on-one
    settings), verbally, and in writing
  • Handle confidential information with absolute discretion
  • Commitment to diversity,
    equity and inclusion; demonstrated ability to work effectively with a culturally diverse workforce, including those with different levels of
    academic preparation and varying physical and learning abilities, and socioeconomic levels


Human Resources
Craven Community College

An Equal Opportunity Educational Institution

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