Natural Resources Law Teaching Fellow

The Appalachian School of Law invites applications from entry-level candidates for a full-time position as a Natural Resources Law
Teaching Fellow. This is a twelve (12) month position, with a mutual option to extend the position for a second year.

This is a
unique opportunity for a recent law school graduate or transitioning attorney with an interest in energy, environmental, and/or natural
resources law. The Fellow will perform a wide variety of tasks under the broad supervision of the Director of the Natural Resources Law
Center. The responsibilities of, and opportunities for, the Fellow position include the following:

  •  Design and create
    marketing materials for use on the ASL website and recruitment and promotional efforts;
  • Teach or assist in teaching at least one
    natural resources law-related course;
  • Develop relationships with strategic partners in the energy, environmental, and natural
    resources fields;
  • Maintain, identify and develop externship and competitive internship sites for law students in the summers, as
    well as scholarship opportunities;
  • Contribute to the academic scholarship of Natural Resources Law professors, and assist with
    class presentations and moot court teams;
  • Have the opportunity to create original scholarship and engage in networking, to attend
    and/or audit courses, and to attend conferences, field trips, and other events (travel expenses to certain conferences are paid at the
    discretion of the Dean);
  • Coordinate seminars, speakers, events, and field trips sponsored by the Center;
  • Generate interest
    in energy, environmental, and natural resources law among the student body, and coordinate with related student organizations;
  • Participate in the strategic planning efforts of the Natural Resources Law Center, including attending committee meetings;
  • Prepare reports for the ASL Board of Trustees and press releases on events and achievements within the ASL Natural Resources Law
  • Perform such other administrative duties as may be required by the Center.

Applicants with a J.D. or
related degree and outstanding academic credentials are encouraged to apply. ASL is the most diverse law school in Virginia, and we strongly
encourage women, minorities, and others who would enrich the diversity of our academic community to apply. Candidates who have demonstrated
a commitment to working with underrepresented minority students and first-generation college students through teaching, mentoring, or
administration are especially encouraged to apply.

The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated interest in energy, environmental,
and/or natural resources law. The candidate should be creative, passionate, and disciplined, with the ability to strategically formulate
program components, complete tasks with minimal supervision, and follow through on networking and administrative aspects of projects. The
candidate should have the maturity to be able to coordinate with business and academic leaders and to work independently. The candidate must
also be approachable by students and law school applicants. Finally, the ideal candidate should have the desire and drive to carve out a
niche for himself or herself in the law school and larger community, to shape the Fellow position, and to assume greater responsibility over

To apply, interested applicants should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and three references to us
by email at

About ASL and the
Natural Resources Law Program:

ASL exists to provide an opportunity for people from Appalachia and beyond to realize their
dreams of practicing law and bettering their communities. We attract a qualified, diverse and dedicated student body, many of whom will
remain in the region after graduation and serve as legal counselors, advocates, judges, mediators, community leaders, and public officials.
We offer a nationally recruited, diverse, and well-qualified faculty, a rigorous program for the professional training of lawyers, and a
comprehensive law library. The program emphasizes professional responsibility, dispute resolution, and practice skills, with specialties in
natural resources law and criminal law. The ASL community is an exciting, student-centered environment that emphasizes honesty, integrity,
fairness, and respect for others. We also emphasize community service and provide a resource for people, the Bar, courts, and other
institutions of the region.

ASL has developed an emphasis in Natural Resources and Energy Law, due in part to ASL’s location in
southwestern Virginia, the heart of the Appalachian gas- and coal-producing region. The ASL Natural Resources Law Program’s mission is
to train attorneys to navigate the increasingly complex world of natural resources law in terms of energy production, conservation, and
improving sustainability. At the center of this mission is ASL’s commitment to offering a place for rational discussion, intelligent
debate, and collaboration to foster cutting-edge programs and innovative scholarship with the ultimate goal to make students more effective
and scientifically grounded policymakers and advocates. To learn more about our Law School, please visit us at

As an employer and institution of higher learning, the Appalachian School of Law seeks to discharge its legal responsibilities and serve its diverse and talented community through fair and responsible application of its policies. These policies express institutional values and carry out the mandates of state and federal law. This institution does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, sex/gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy/childbirth, marital status, disability, religion, political affiliation, veteran status, or national and ethnic origin. Race discrimination includes discrimination on the basis of traits historically associated with race, such as hair texture, hair type, and protective hairstyles.

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