Research Assistant – Step-to Assist Knee Exoskeleton Robot (SAKER)


New York University: NYU – Global: Abu Dhabi

Location: Abu Dhabi

Position Title:    Research assistant (RA)

Research Project Title:   Step-to Assist Knee Exoskeleton Robot (SAKER)

Faculty Name & Title: Dr Mohamad Eid, Director of Applied Interactive Multimedia Lab

Research Project Description (200 words)

In UAE, after road accidents, stroke is the second leading cause of disability[1]. Novel technologies are developed to improve the efficacy of rehabilitation. Wearable exoskeleton systems have attracted significant attention in recent years due to their great potentials in improving our understanding of gait abnormalities, reducing labor intensity for therapists, and enabling home-based tele-rehabilitation. This project aims to develop a soft exoskeleton robot to physically assist post-stroke patients with step-to gait on the paralyzed right lower limb. The wearable exoskeleton device must perform 30 degrees of knee flexion and retreat to neutral position of the ankle. The system must be lightweight, affordable, and adaptive. Furthermore, the system will be equipped with force sensors embedded in the shoes of the normal limb to study the ground contact forces in various gait phases and detect when the patient is well-grounded on the normal limb before proceeding with the step-to gait move. This assistance would shorten the paralyzed limb for foot clearance. A preliminary design for the system is shown in Figure 1. The system will be utilized as a test-bed for evaluating the effectiveness of vibrotactile feedback as a guidance method for helping patients with more synchronized movements.

Responsibilities of the Position (Bullet points)

  • To conduct literature review about technologies for gait rehabilitation
  • to design a wearable system for gait rehabilitation.
  • To design an interface for the patient and the therapist to interact with the system.
  • To develop haptic feedback (vibration) to guide the patient  



Essential Qualifications:                            

  • Electrical or computer engineering degree (or equivalent)
  • Good written and spoken Arabic and English

Preferred Experience / Skills:

  • Basic skills in hardware development
  • Programming skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Interpersonal/human relations skills

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