You can also earn 11000 rupees every hour by becoming Santa Claus, know how

Career as santa claus: If you celebrate Christmas and have children in your family, you can pay for a trip with Santa to your family this year. In this age of today, you can also invite Santa to your house or party through online booking. If you also want to earn money, then you can become a Santa and go to parties. Creative people who became Santa this season are earning well.

According to a survey, a man who becomes a Santa can earn up to 2000 rupees per hour. Professional people can earn up to 8 thousand rupees per hour.

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How to Earn Money in this Season

People trained for freelance Santa are being hired to go to parties or other events in office holidays. Especially when he has received training from Santa’s School. Earnings through this work can be up to about 12 thousand rupees per hour. After training, you can also register yourself for booking Santa online. Talk of big bucks. On Christmas day, Santa of Greenleaf is offered $ 1,200 for an hour.

A really good Santa can demand a much higher salary than the average Santa. Working 40 days or more per year, high-income Santa can earn $ 20,000 in holidays.

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Christmas Day 2020

Santa’s demand is gradually increasing, so bookings have to be spent more. Freelance santas are prepared at training centers aimed at bridging the Santa deficiency. Santa’s booking charge is determined by time and place.

Greenleaf itself charges an amount of $ 250 an hour on weekends, and when it comes to Christmas Eve it doubles. He estimated that last year, he earned close to $ 20,000 from early November until Christmas.

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