Course Instructor-Applied Finite Element Analysis


Faculty – Engineering – Mechanical


Carnegie Mellon University: College of Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

Location: Pittsburgh, PA


The adjunct instructor is sought for teaching a course on Applied Finite Element Analysis. The instructor must be able to draw upon experience to teach the use of ANSYS to solve a range of engineering problems, including static structural, dynamic, heat transfer, and other problems. The course should train and prepare the students to understand the fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis and to solve problems using it in their design and research work.

As Full-Time Instructor, you will be teaching Applied Finite Element Analysis. You will be required to teach at each of the sessions for the course as listed on the College of Engineering academic calendar, as well as attend to any associated administrative, grading and related functions. Based on the experience of our part-time instructors, it is our expectation that you will devote an average of 15 hours per week for this


Carnegie Mellon University

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