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Faculty – Vocational and Technical – Automotive Technology


Position Status: Part Time

Department: School of Business and Industry

General Summary

Part Time Automotive Instructor

Specific Position Duties

  1. Maintains up-to-date knowledge in the teaching field;
  2. Demonstrates willingness and ability to teach various courses, times, locations, and delivery methods, as needed and as reasonably requested by the college;
  3. Utilizes appropriately challenging coursework to help students realize their full potential as learners;
  4. Provides students with written expectations, e.g., syllabi, policies, assignment instructions, graded evaluations, etc.;
  5. Administers tests which are appropriate to course content, including a comprehensive final exam measuring overall grasp of course objectives;
  6. By various ways and means of instructing students, affirms the worth and dignity of all persons and the right of all persons to learn;
  7. Maintains an appropriate learning and assessment climate in the classroom, whether traditional, web, or distance, which encourages the free exchange of ideas while defending academic honesty and objectivity;
  8. Prepares adequately for class and arrives promptly at class meetings, labs, and any other scheduled instructional activities;
  9. Delivers material in a clear and understandable manner;
  10. Addresses student concerns, i.e., comments, questions, and input, both in class and via posted office hours, timely electronic communication, and other suitable means;
  11. Effectively handles routine procedures necessary for the successful, day-to-day operation of the department as delegated by the department chair;
  12. Submits required reports and schedules in a timely manner to the department chair;
  13. Maintains effective relationships with professional counterparts throughout the college and the community;
  14. Maintains individual student advisement on degree plans and degree applications in order to comply with completion requirements;
  15. Assists with recruiting, marketing, and outreach for department programs; and,
  16. Actively participates in college functions and events, and engages in community service.
  17. Maintains and repairs equipment used in class instruction.
  18. Actively participates in tool retention and preservation of department assets.

Minimum Qualifications

At least three years of relevant technical training, industry certifications, and/or experience in the discipline.

Posting Number: A00049P

Odessa College does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disability or age in educational programs, activities, admission or employment practices.

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