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Protective Services
Central Campus
Central Campus
FLSA Exempt Full Time/Part Time
Part Time

Summary of Position

This is a part-time teaching position that supports the Academy Coordinator. The incumbent will
teach or assist in teaching blocks of instruction within the Basic Peace Officer & Extended Basic Peace Officer Courses and/or scheduled
In-Service courses for current peace officers when there is a demand by student needs or law enforcement agencies within the service area.
This job is an important part of the department to reach students in all area and various times as required by course scheduling.

Minimum Required Education

A high school diploma or GED; Hold a Peace Officer Certificate and/or Instructor’s
Certificate issued by TCOLE; OR a combination of education, training and experience in the specific are of instruction.

Minimum Required Experience

Two years of related paid work experience in law enforcement, Criminal Justice, or relevant
to the needed instruction, exclusive of teaching; Prefer direct experience in law enforcement; Certified (DPS, FBI, etc.) Firearms,
Emergency Vehicle Operation Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, or other related certifications relative to specific subject matter;
Previous teaching experience in the Basic Peace Officer Course or Academy In-Service courses, and/or employing law enforcement agency

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Ability to communicate instructional materials and deliver
classroom instruction and/or practical demonstration of high quality; Knowledge of Texas Laws (Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure,
Family Code, Transportation Code, etc.), and police procedures in the specific subject matter required in the course.

Part-time, include requirement and total hours per week – as needed, not to exceed 19.5 hours per week

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