Instructor, Web Development and Design

JOB SUMMARY: Provides competency-based quality instruction in accordance with the stated philosophy and
objectives of the College in classroom, lab and clinical settings. Assignment may include evening or off-campus teaching, individualized
and/or competency-based instruction and/or online/distance learning.

Teaches assigned courses in accordance with course competencies and syllabi. Develops and/or utilizes
a variety of instructional strategies, techniques and delivery methods designed to meet the individual learning styles of students. Fosters
a safe and civil learning environment. Develops and maintains current course syllabi and outlines; prepares lecture/lab and class materials.
Informs students about course requirements, evaluation procedures, and attendance policies. Works collegially in an academic environment;
participates in College and program projects, events, and committee work, including advisory committee activities and advising student
organizations. Monitors, evaluates, and documents student attendance, progress and competency attainment; submits related reports as
required. Maintains established office hours and is otherwise available to assist students outside of the classroom. Participates in the
ongoing development and revision of curriculum and course materials and competencies, and in the selection of textbooks and other
instructional materials/equipment. Advises students regarding their academic needs and refers them for additional assistance as needed.
Promotes the College and the program and assists in recruiting and marketing the program to prospective students. Participates in
professional development activities and stays current in his/her field.

Associate degree or diploma in a related area. 3 or more years non-teaching related work
experience including at least 2 years of recent industry experience designing and developing website applications. (Industry related
software certifications and 4 or more years non-teaching related work experience may substitute for required education and experience). A
desire to learn and explore new technologies in web development. A desire to share experiences and knowledge with students to help them find
employment in web development and related fields. Demonstrated effectiveness working with populations having diverse values, and/or coming
from varied cultures and backgrounds.

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to use and apply alternative
instructional delivery systems to enhance learning. 
Experience in curriculum development and learning assessment. Current
experience with HTML5 and CSS3. Current experience working with Responsive Design and mobile website applications using CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid Layout and/or Bootstrap. Current experience with
WordPress application design and development. Current experience with Photoshop and XD within the Adobe Creative Suite.

with CSS Sass preprocessor. Experience with Javascript, ESB or later
preferred. Current Experience with PHP 7 and SQL. Current experience with
Javascript, applications such as ReactJS, AngularJS, Node.js, etc. Experience with designing and creating custom themes in WordPress.
Experience with current prototyping and wireframe technologies and techniques. Experience with UI and UX concepts, technologies and



  • Lift Knuckle to Waist 20 lbs
  • Lift Floor to Waist
    < 10 lbs
  • Carry 20 lbs
  • Push/pull horizontal < 20 lbs
  • Push/pull vertical < 5 lbs up to 84 in
  • Lateral Pinch
  • Forward & Overhead Reach
  • Crouch
  • Neck Flexion, Extension & Rotation
  • Fine Motor
  • Hand & Foot Coordination
  • Walk

A mobility accommodation is accepted where applicable, but
may not be supported by all DMACC campus facilities and/or employee classifications.


Des Moines Area Community College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and we encourage members of underrepresented groups to apply with us. The College shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, genetic information, or, to the extent covered by law, veteran status. If you are a qualified applicant with a disability and you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in our hiring process, please let us know. You may call (515) 964-6301 or send us an e-mail at

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