Full-Time Assistant Professor Position for Technology Studies (Smart IT Department)


Job Title: Faculty, Technology This position begins on December 1, 2020 (if possible) or on March 1, 2021, and it is in
conjunction with the Software-focused University Project through the Korean Government. Technology Research Track faculty positions at
Endicott College of International Studies at Woosong University, Daejeon, South Korea, are responsible in the fields of Technology and
Industry 4.0 (3D Manufacturing, Robotics, Advanced Automation, Big Data & Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing
Sensors/IoT, Augmented Reality, Cybersecurity.) For information about Endicott College, click on the following link: https://www.endicott.ac.kr:447/page/index.jsp?code=endicott0205#main

Job Description:
Faculty are responsible for teaching, curriculum development and research in the areas of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) / Industry 4.0. The
increasing focus on digitization, and interconnection of Cyber-Physical processes represents one of the main global trends in the industry
today. Faculty must be experienced in broad and multidisciplinary focus on research and education Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). They must be
prepared to grasp the exciting opportunity to develop new forms of knowledge research and potential transfer paths to industry. Faculty must
be able to teach introductory level courses across a wide variety of subjects such as those indicated above. An emphasis is placed on
applied, project-based, and competence-based instruction. A background in the fields of general education, management, or international
studies is also valued. The position is particularly suited to faculty with a global spirit and vision, commitment to student-centered
learning, ability to teach different learning styles, and the capacity to adapt and be flexible. Within a newly established academic
institution, faculty will be expected to engage in developing curriculum, research, and hands-on teaching activities in both classroom and
lab environments.

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in a technology-related field. PhD

Faculty will typically have teaching responsibilities at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A sample of courses to
be taught include: Leadership and Teamwork: High Performance Collaboration; Introduction to Industry 4.0; Introduction to Innovation; Design
Thinking; Foundations of Computer Science; Introductory Programming; Human Computer Interaction; Smart Manufacturing: Connectivity,
Autonomy, and Production; Technology Foresight and Forecasting; Technology Major specific courses. Faculty must have a record of excellence
in student-centered teaching, a commitment to active scholarship, and community engagement. Research faculty will be expected to actively
pursue a research agenda and publish regularly in high impact journals. Faculty are required to publish one internationally-indexed (SSCI,
SCOPUS or equivalent), or two Korean-indexed articles per year.

Remuneration and Benefits:

  • Salaries
    are competitive and commensurate with qualifications.

Please send your complete resume inclusive of detailed record of
accomplishment, employment history, cover letter, photograph and certificates/references to:
Office of International Affairs Global
HR globalcenterhr@wsu.ac.kr

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