Assistant Director of Information Systems and Technology



Wiley College is currently seeking qualified applicants for the Assistant Director of Information System and Technology and will report to the Chief Technology Officer. The position will be accountable for the supervision, implementation, and maintenance of the College’s computing needs within their domain of accountability such as application development, support services, data & analytics, operations, information security or administration. This includes ensuring the secure and effective operation of computing systems, including applications, software tools, and infrastructure used within the College. Within their domain, the Assistant Director is expected to facilitate best practices such as the implementation and smooth running of methodologies & procedures, enforcing standards & guidelines, advocating for their area of service and collaborating with the architecture team in defining strategy and plans for continuous improvement in IT tools, processes and policies. 

The successful candidate will possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or related discipline. A minimum of 2 years experience in the technology field; To be successful in this position, the Assistant Director will have a demonstrated and detailed knowledge of industry best practices as evidenced by a professional track record of effective technical management, information analysis, and a thorough understanding of computer hardware and software systems. In many cases, the Assistant Director will be assigned to support a particular function of the College and will be expected to liaise with that function to support their strategic and tactical needs and plans,

Interested and qualified applicants should submit a Wiley College, resume, and a copy of transcript(s) to

Wiley College is an equal opportunity employer.

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