Fundamentals of Advanced Manufacturing Pre-Apprenticeship Instructor

Part-time, non-credit instructor to teach in a registered Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program. Instructors are hired in a part-time capacity
on a semester-by-semester basis, contingent upon the needs of the Pre-Apprenticeship Program.

The Role
There will be one instructor leading the Fundamentals of Advanced Manufacturing Pre-Apprenticeship course. This individual will have
multiple roles, including refining the course outline/content to reflect their experiences, preparing and teaching 20 hours of course
content, guiding pre-apprentices through the video portions of the course, and monitoring completion. The instructor will be supported by
the NJIT staff, who will handle all registration logistics, post-course career pathway training, and any issues that may arise.

The ideal instructor will have background and experience in (or teaching) advanced manufacturing and an interest in helping to expand the
pool of interested, qualified applicants to the industry. The instructor will work with an existing outline, course objectives, and receive
content from the Manufacturing Skills Institute directly tied to skills needed for pre-apprentices to pass the Manufacturing Specialist

The Expectations

  • Attendance and Engagement: Attend and teach all live instruction sessions.
    Be available for optional office hours throughout the week and respond to student inquiries within a working day of
  • Curriculum Refinement: Refine the provided curriculum content to suit personal experiences and expertise in manufacturing.
    Select curriculum that will be taught via live instruction and that which will be taught via video instruction.
  • Course Coordination:
    Maintaining student record-keeping, progress reporting, and communication expectations.


  • Basic
    working knowledge or experience teaching the following:

    • Manufacturing Processes and Controls
    • Measurement
    • Algebra, Basic Stats and probability
    • Spatial reasoning
    • Mechanics – force, pulleys, levers, gears,
    • Fluid Power and Thermodynamics
    • Electricity
    • Chemistry
  • Access to a computer with a
    quality video camera, quiet space, and solid internet connection.
  • Ability to teach and manage a course 100% remotely – with
    support of an established LMS.
  • Minimum 5 years of work experience
  • Education: BA, MA preferred or equivalent work

Bonus Skills

  • MT1 Instructor Certification from Manufacturing Skills Institute – if you do not
    have the certification, NJIT/instructor will need to obtain certificate. This should be discussed with NJIT team early to find appropriate
    time to acquire certification as it’s mandatory to teach the course.
  • Understanding of apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship


  • Instructors will be compensated for minimal course development hours (given existing
    curriculum), instruction hours, and hours devoted to pre-apprentice engagement outside instruction. Pay is commensurate on

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