Adjunct Faculty Position: Antitrust Laws

New York Law School (NYLS), located in the heart of Tribeca, seeks adjunct faculty to teach Antitrust.

Course Description: This
course will examine the laws on monopoly and restraint of trade, with special emphasis on the federal antitrust laws. Topics include the
role of competition and the goals of antitrust policy; the common law on monopoly and restraints of trade; historical develop¬ments
leading to passage of the 1890 Sherman Act; development of the “rule of reason” and the “per se doctrine,” the 1914
Clayton and Federal Trade Com¬mission Acts; private and government enforcement of antitrust laws; market definition, monopoly power,
monopolization, attempts and conspiracies to monop¬olize; competitor collaboration on price fixing, market allocations, and other
horizontal restraints; indus¬trial con¬cen¬tration, price leadership, and trade associa¬tions; group boycotts,
standardization, and joint ventures; the Noerr-Pen¬ning¬ton doctrine, and exemp¬tions for regulated industries and state action;
resale price mainten¬ance and exclusive ter¬ri¬tor¬ial arrange¬ments; tying arrangements; exclu¬sive dealing
arrange¬ments; refusals to deal; hor¬iz¬ontal, vertical, and con¬glom¬er¬ate mergers
This is a three-credit
course and the estimated hours for this position will be 11 hours per week.

Requirements: JD and a minimum of five years of
related experience.

Salary: Highly competitive

How to Apply:

Please submit a cover letter summarizing your
qualifications and interest in this position, along with your resume or CV, to Please indicate in the subject line: Antitrust.

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